Full 1 hour Consultation with protocol

£ 250.00



will support you through the following steps in your journey

  1. Eliminate toxins, mould, parasites, cancer-causing viruses and bacteria.
  2. Remove all chemical and natural carcinogens and hormone disruptors.
  3. Address stress issues
  4. Alkalinize and eat a high nutrient diet that supports your mitochondria
  5. Balance your hormones
  6. Strengthen the immune system
  7. Reduce chronic inflammation
  8. exercise
  9. Address insulin resistance
  10. Heal the digestive tract and address nutrient deficiencies.
  11. Detoxify your body
  12. Boost mitochondrial function
  13. Address your social, spiritual, and nurturing needs

To do this means you need to change and that does not come easily. To change we need to;

  1. Understand why we need to change
  2. Have a plan
  3. Do not dwell on setbacks
  4. Avoid all or nothing thinking
  5. Practice positive self-talk and gratitude

Understanding the need to change will allow you to make the changes more easily.

Remember every step in the right direction is a good one.

Do not set goals as these will put undue pressure on you and will cause distress if you fail.


The plan is to go step by step as you find yourself ready to take the next step. There are only 12 steps, some of them overlap and support each other.

We strongly suggest that you add the 2 month support with this.


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