Cancer Risk Reduction Mastery – Video only course

£ 997.00


Cancer Risk Reduction Mastery – Couples with coaching.

What it is:

An advanced coaching program on the causes of cancer and how to mitigate them and improve your overall health

One hour a week for 24 weeks

Run at regular intervals throughout the year at times appropriate for the different time zones

What you get 

  1. Lifelong access to the videos, transcripts and the additional information
  2. Access to the hour-long Q & A sessions every two weeks
  3. Glossary
  4. Additional videos
  5. Scientific proofs
  6. Recipes
  7. Other resources
  8. Handout on cancer-fighting foods
  9. Cancer clinics
  10. Known causes of individual cancers
  11. Cancer websites
  12. List of helpful books
  13. E0s for cancer
  14. Herbs for cancer
  15. Protocols for
    1. Detox
    2. Parasites
    3. Sleep
    4. Breathing
    5. Stress
    6. Hormone balance

Program for Mastery

  • Hallmarks of cancer
  • Individual causes
  • Cancer types and staging
  • Testing
  • Genes and cell division,
  • Epigenetics, nutrigenomics, methylation
  • Pathways that drive cancer
  • Gut and microbiome
  • Veganism/vegetarianism explained
  • Gerson, carnivore, Budwig
  • Mediterranean, rainbow, raw
  • Metabolic typing, Ketogenic
  • Detox 1
  • Detox 2
  • Infections/ Parasites
  • Hormones in cancer
  • Frequency, Essential Oils, emotions
  • Exercise and Breathing in depth
  • Helpful supplements and supplement guidance
  • Conventional treatments and support
  • Alternative treatments at home sauna, vitamins, PEMF
  • Alternative treatments in clinics saunas, vitamins, Mistletoe, Hypotherimia
  • PEMF,/ Rife machine Light, Oxygen therapy, Homeopathy
  • Avoiding the big 5 and keeping healthy



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