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How Diet Can Help With Cancer

Many wonder if diet can help with cancer. The research says it does, not only for prevention, but in cancer survival and when in remission to help prevent a recurrence.

How diet can help with cancer prevention.

This diagram illustrates the percentage that diet plays in different cancers. The study clearly shows how diet can help with cancer prevention, survival, and preventing recurrence.

diagram of diet in cancer

Obesity in cancer

Obesity is diet-related, although not entirely. There are many contributing factors and some are not related to what a person eats. Hormones, toxicity, gut flora, genetics, and metabolism are some other factors in the obesity struggle. If you’re obese and are at risk of cancer seek professional help to guide you through which one of the many contributing factors is a cause of your obesity.

The following diagram may encourage you to seek the help you need.

diagram of obesity % in cancer

The role of genetics in cancer

Genetics play a very small role in cancers, between 5 and 10% depending on the type of cancer, but even that small percentage can be nullified by Epigenetics and Nutrigenomics.

Epigenetics is the study of how our environment can get our genes to express themselves or remain silent.

Nutrigenomics does the same but with nutrition.
We wish to keep cancer genes silent.

This is achievable by lifestyle and dietary choices and infections we may pick up and manage to cure.

genes and environment in cancer

As the studies show the contribution of diet and lifestyle play a much larger part in your chance of getting cancer than do the genes your ancestors gave you.

By controlling our diet and lifestyle we can reduce the risk of getting cancer dramatically.

The following diagram clearly illustrates the effect alcohol and smoking have in influencing cancer.

alcohol and smokings role in cancer

Environmental toxins and cancer

We live in an increasingly toxic soup of chemicals. 100,000 to date and increasing by 2000 every year.

Only 1% have been tested for safety and none have been tested in combination with other chemicals.

We need to reduce our chemical exposure by using natural products and by voting with our money.

If we do not buy what they produce they would stop producing it. We and our world would no longer be poisoned for the sake of someone’s profit margin, we would save us and stop them from destroying us and our beautiful planet and all the amazing animals we are so fortunate to share it with.

There are over 84,000 chemicals used in our household cleaners, of which only 200 have been tested by the FDA, only 5 are regulated.

The last time the law was updated was in 1976.

Personal care products are full of hormone disruptors, carcinogens, and toxins. In the USA only 11 products have been banned from use as opposed to 13,000 in the EU.

Our water is chlorinated to eliminate pathogenic bacteria, but chlorine in water can change into trihalomethanes, which have been shown to cause bladder and other cancers.

There are other ways to kill pathogens in water, UV light, and Ozone, but they are more expensive and the company profits would not be as high.

This diagram shows what pollutants cause cancers.

I feel desperately sad for mothers whose boys have developed testicular cancer. No mom is ever warned about the risk of organic pollutants to their little boys.

pollutants and cancer

Smoking and alcohol

The P53 gene is the gene that proved cancer is caused by smoking.
This gene is usually a tumour suppressor gene but in all cancers in smokers, irrespective of which cancer, the P53 gene has mutated to become a tumour promoter or oncogene.

Fortunately, the gene can be switched the other way by plant compounds, one of which is curcumin found in Turmeric.

One would need to give up smoking to get the full benefit.
Alcohol is not only a neurotoxin but plays a part in cancer too as can be seen below. 

alcohol and smoking in cancer

Infection and cancer

Viruses, bacteria, and parasites can all play a role in our chances of getting cancer. Fortunately for us if our immune system is strong enough to kill the infection, or if we pick up we have an infection and get it treated, this risk can be reduced.

infection and cancer

Diet can help with cancer progression and recurrence.

Diet plays the largest part in our cancer risk factors, a whopping 35% can be knocked off of our chances of getting cancer if we knew how to eat to prevent it.

Diet can help with cancer progression when we have had the heart-stopping horror of a cancer diagnosis.

All vegetables, spices, herbs, and fruits supply our immune system with cancer-fighting compounds and phytonutrients to help us beat the foe.
There are pathways by which cancer is driven. One of these is the IGF (Insulin Growth Factor) pathway.

When we eat high carbohydrate foods, especially refined ones, our blood glucose spikes.

High blood sugar is damaging to our blood vessels, tissues, and organs so our body releases insulin to bring our blood glucose levels down to a safe level. This produces insulin growth factor which causes cancers to grow. By keeping our blood sugar stable we can reduce this driver of cancer.

Another pathway, which is an inflammatory pathway called mTOR, can be caused to drive cancer by eating too much unnaturally farmed and processed meat, but it is downregulated by curcumin in turmeric and by fasting.

The Nuclear factor Kappa b pathway is one more pathway that drives cancer but is heavily influenced by plant compounds.

The top of the diagram shows the carcinogens from the environment that activate this pathway and the bottom section shows the plant compounds that downregulate it.

NF k b pathway

Plants in our diet can help with cancer

Plants give our immune system the bullets to fight cancer, infections, and pollutants.

We need to incorporate more into our diets.

We are natural/God-made people, we need natural/God-made food.
To try to run a natural/God-made body on man-made, food-like substances is like trying to run a petrol car on diesel.

It will break.

If we cannot recognize nature/God-made food, we should not eat it.
Processed and manufactured food has no part in health, it is toxic to us.
Our bodies are in a continual state of repair, every day trillions of cells divide and rebuild us, repairing the damage we and the natural process of living produce.

We get the building blocks our bodies need from our food.

When building a house if the builders cannot find the brick they need at the time, they may use a stone and the building will not be strong.
The same happens in our body, it will use anything at a time of shortage to keep us going, but it will not be the right compound and our health will be compromised.

We need to start eating to feed our bodies and not to tantalize our taste buds.

These are the present cancer statistics and we need to make sure we aren’t one of them.

Over the course of the next weeks and months, I will be giving you the knowledge of what foods and lifestyle changes you can make to prevent the trauma of a cancer diagnosis for you and your family.

For those already going through the cancer journey, the information will be helpful.

We will help you understand how lifestyle and diet can help with cancer.


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