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Group Sessions:
reduce your risk

Group Meetings

Hello fellow health seeker,

Welcome to my Integrative Cancer Coach group coaching area!

We are all about improving your health, reducing the risks of disease, (cancer being just one example), surviving cancer, and living the best life possible.

Does cancer run in your family? It does in mine.  Are you apprehensive in case you are at risk of getting it? I know I always was. Do you have any other health issues, including cancer?

You may wonder why I am including all health issues.

The reason is that all health issues will weaken your immune system, which will increase your risk of other diseases, including cancer.

We personally know what it is like to face a cancer diagnosis, and we want to help you avoid the trauma or to get through this devastating time.

Are there things we can do to help ourselves, reduce the symptoms, strengthen our bodies to cope better? Absolutely!

There are many causes of cancer, but the risks can be put into categories.  These are the risks and the percentages they contribute towards cancer:

Obesity (not always caused by diet)14% Males20% Females
Environmental toxins35%
Infections, parasites, viruses, bacteria16% overall, but 80% in liver cancer
Genetics, depending on type of cancer5 to 10%

Given these statistics we can see that if we change any or all these risk factors we put ourselves in a much better position to win the battle.

Many think that genetics are written in stone, but that is not true.  The sciences of epigenetics and nutrigenomics have found that genes can be turned on or off by our environment and diet.

Food is information for our cells and environmental toxins damage and change the messages sent to our cells.

Our immune system is designed to protect us and keep us healthy.  By strengthening and resetting it, we can stop diseases before they start or eliminate them before they escalate.

I am offering group coaching to help those who would like support in attaining or regaining their health.  The groups will be small, maximum eight people, so you will be given personal attention and time to address any issues you have.

We will spend an hour a week in a Zoom call, where I will give a 20-minute explanation of an area of health to improve during the week, and use the remaining 40 minutes to answer questions and help with any specific health challenges you are experiencing.

The goal is to cover various areas of how to attain health in easy bite size sections, to allow you the time to make the changes without being overwhelmed.

We will have a discussion group, where people can get support from each other and where I can help with any important issue you may have as they come up. I will be checking daily.

We plan to cover the basic health improvements in 8 weeks.  There is a lot to learn and as change takes time, we are not going to rush you to change everything at once, or you may become discouraged.

Every step in the right direction is a good one.

My intention is to make this step by step journey fun, enjoyed by us all, not a hectic and stressful sprint or one where you spend most of your time stressed.

The initial offer is £120 for the 8-week period. This offer will stand until the end of February 2021.

Anyone who joins after the end of February will pay the higher price and as I will start coaching groups every two months. See Calendar for availability

Your journey to a better, healthier, vibrant life begins here! I Cannot wait to be a part of your adventure