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Welcome to Integrative cancer coaching "Reduce the Risk" group coaching

Join us on a health journey to reduce your risk of disease.

We will guide you through the steps we all need to take on a health journey to escape disease.

By joining me as I guide you, you will reduce the risk not only of cancer but of the other major illnesses, heart disease, diabetes, dementia and autoimmune disease.

We will help you build a robust immune system that will help you fight infections.

Should you have had the misfortune of having had cancer we will help you reduce the risk of a recurrence. I know this is always a worry, and we will reassure you that it does not have to haunt you.

We will take the steps to diminish your chance of getting any of the big five medical killers, and by so doing lower your risks of all diseases.

We will meet once a week for an hour, where we will discuss one of the life-saving changes you can make and answer each person’s questions and address individual health issues.

The groups will be small, up to eight people maximum so each person can get the individual attention they deserve.

The groups are at different times so no matter where you are in the world you can join us for a fun, life-changing walk to better health.

Please choose which group you would like to join, and we look forward to seeing you on the other side.

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