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Books by Meme


the natural way

by Meme Grant

“You can’t go sailing” the irritated dermatologist exclaimed, “you have stage four cancer, you are dying do you not understand”. This was the start of a journey which resulted in being tumour free. This is our story and how we did it.

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Meme has just an unbelievable amount of knowledge in how the body works and more importantly how nutrition, lifestyle, etc. can either heal or destroy it. I've known her for many years and have watched her assist in radically transforming health in those who are chronically ill - myself included!

And now she has a book and it's the first one I'd send to anyone facing cancer. The human body is an incredible machine when you can assist it in what it's designed to do, and the protocol Meme outlines in this book does exactly that. I genuinely believe there's a lot of information here for those who are seeking to prevent cancer as well.

All in all I've thoroughly enjoyed this book! Anyone even just looking into how you can boost your body's strength and healing potential through diet and lifestyle will find this book is a valuable testimonial

Kassie Duggan

Being good friends with Meme and Mike I know the effort and passion that Meme has put into this book. Speaking from first hand experience having lived with them on the yacht she truly is exceptional and I learned so much from her. This book is a reflection of her want and need to help others and tell their story which in itself is amazing. I 100% recommend this book for anyone that wants to be inspired to make a change in their life and get a broad understanding of the fundamentals of a healthy diet. Well done Meme

Darren Walker

I enjoyed the story of Mike and Meme and really love the wealth of health information you can get for healthy living. Great read.

Amazon Customer

Books recommended by Meme

The definitive guide to cancer

An excellent book filled with extremely helpful information on supplements that will enhance or hinder conventional treatments, those that will help you in your fight and the different kinds of cancer and how to avoid them. A go to book for anyone with or recovering from cancer.

Cancer fighting Kitchen

Fabulous recipes with cancer fighting ingredients to tempt the most damaged and jaded tastebuds, full of excellent information. An excellent investment.

Foods to fight cancer

Gives you some of the foods and their compounds that help your body fight cancer with what I call Natures Chemo.

P53 gene

The gene that finalized the debate on whether smoking causes cancer. Great read for anyone interested in the genetic component of cancer.

Cancer as a metabolic disease

This is the book that changed everything for Mike and I. Excellently researched. It was Prof Thomas Seyfrieds talk on YouTube that gave me that lightbulb moment and let me to use this as a way to beat Mike’s cancer.

Tripping over the truth

The arguments for the metabolic theory of cancer as opposed to the genetic theory. Facinating reading with a real insight into the evil politics of cancer treatments and how the medical fraternity sacrifice their patients on the altar of their Ego, Ignorance and Greed.

The Truth about Cancer

An expose on the cancer industry and their suppression of successful natural cancer treatments. Ty Bollinger runs the Truth About Cancer Website and has a series of videos on the subject from successful cancer doctors around the world.

The Cancer Code

An excellent understanding of cancer and what triggers it. The latest research and showing how cancer research have gone down rabbit holes to nowhere.

The little cyanide cookbook

Delicious recipes, high in the controversial cancer fighting vitamin B17. The argument is that this vitamin contains cyanide, but then so does vitamin B12, and we know that is essential for us and does not harm us. Vitamin D and A are fatal in excess, but we do need an amount of both to be healthy.

Healing Spices

The uses of spices and herb, the healing properties they contain and taste tempting recipes. A must have in any kitchen.

Rainbow diet

Chris Woolams is an Biologist who started his cancer research because of a close family member. He has some excellent sites with scientifically based information.
He has some more books which are listed here.

Everything you need to know to beat cancer

Another great book, all researched information.

The Maverick MD

The story of Dr Nicholas Gonzales, one of the best natural cancer doctors.


Read it from the maestro.  Case studies on how they beat cancer

32 WAYS TO OUTSMART CANCER - Dr Nalini Chilkov

Great book from one of the leading Integrative cancer oncologists


Read it from the maestro.  Case studies on how they beat cancer


If you are in a hurry


A well-known natural cancer healing protocol