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How you can help Meme

Birthday Donation

Why help is needed.

It is my 66th Birthday and if you feel you would like to give me a Birthday present it would be deeply appreciated. 

When Mike was killed the UK took away his small pension, Then I broke my arm and needed a plate put in. I have now found I most likely need another op as the screws are not as they should be. This means I will be out of action for another couple of months. It has been 4.5 months of having no use of my right hand/arm and in pain. 

The grass and weeds have taken full advantage, it is a jungle. Social services gave me enough to cover basics for 3 months, they stopped it in October, but I need to be able to survive until I can get my business up and running and I need to be able to get someone in to tame the jungle, was waiting for Tarzan but he has not yet appeared. It has now become a hazard.

You are welcome to come on a working holiday if you wish. Free accommodation for a couple of hours a day of garden work.

I do not want anyone to do themselves short, but any donation will be welcome. If you could please spread the word about my business. Helping people prevent and survive cancer, (working with the oncologist), and to thrive afterwards. By preventing cancer, you prevent other killer diseases too. Thank you, and sorry to have to do this, it has not been a good year.

Enquire to stay on the farm

This form can be used to enquire more information to stay on the farm and learn from Meme. We will get back to you and confirm available dates as well as make a contact to know you better.
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Help needed for Meme

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