How Cabbages Help Fight Cancer

Cancer is a devastating diagnosis, losing a loved one is horrible but watching helplessly as they painfully fall apart before you  is something everyone would love to avoid. I had seen it before and was determined to do my best to stop it happening again. While desperately researching ways to keep Mike alive I found […]

How Diet Can Help With Cancer

Many wonder if diet can help with cancer. The research says it does, not only for prevention, but in cancer survival and when in remission to help prevent a recurrence. How diet can help with cancer prevention. This diagram illustrates the percentage that diet plays in different cancers. The study clearly shows how diet can help […]


Many will not know what integrative oncology or an integrative cancer coach is, as it is not widely known, even though it has been practiced for over 25 years, but with statistics showing that 1 in every 2 men and 1 in every 3 women will get cancer and as these statistics are rising integrative cancer coaching and care is becoming an appreciated field of support for those coping with this dread disease.