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Please accept my sincere apologies for disappearing for over a year – it has been a horrible, devastating, hellish year that I would not wish on anyone. Please be assured that I now feel recovered enough from this traumatic series of events to provide the service you deserve. I do however feel that I owe […]

Is Stage 4 Cancer the Same as Terminal Cancer?

A cancer diagnosis is the most frightening and devastating news than anyone including their families and friends can hear, but the horror of a stage 4 diagnosis cannot be described, the first question must be is stage 4 cancer terminal, am I going to die? I know the horror well, as I have lived through […]

7 Ways to Avoid Melanoma

May is Skin Cancer month and today is Melanoma day, a good opportunity to give you ten ways to avoid melanoma, which is the most deadly kind of skin cancer. To do this we need to understand what causes it and how it starts and grows. Only 1% of skin cancers are melanomas, and account […]