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Why I'm a Cancer Coach

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I’ve lived with health issues my entire life. From breathing challenges, skin disorders, a poor immune system, food allergies, and other issues related to my body not operating effectively, I know firsthand just how debilitating chronic disease can be.

My first breakthrough came when a friend referred me to a blood test that detected food intolerances. The results of this simple test changed my life.

I stopped eating the indicated foods and was absolutely amazed at how my body changed. Even more so was just how many of my lifelong illnesses and issues were reduced or went away completely. My interest in nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits began at this stage, but it wasn’t until later that I was forced to learn the true power of diet and lifestyle.

In 2010 my husband Mike and I were full-time sailors. However, that year an unexpected diagnosis was about to change our sailing lives forever.

According to the doctors, he had an aggressive and extensive cancer. There were limited options open to him from a medical standpoint. With little to loose, we decided to try changing his diet and lifestyle to provide him with a better quality of life. If it had worked for me, why would it not at least give him some relief?

I studied everything I could find on cancer in the natural medicine field. Many of the remedies were extremely expensive but diet and lifestyle changes were affordable. To our immense surprise – it worked! Mike achieved a fantastic level of health and well-being!

In sailing, if you give up, you die. You need this attitude to face the power of the sea. It’s essential to try everything you can think of, and each challenge must be met head-on and overcome.

We took this same approach to Mike’s health and tried many things before finding what really worked for him. It was not an overnight process by any means. We were also very budget-conscious, which posed additional challenges. We fought for quality of life, we learned, we searched for solutions everywhere, and, most importantly, we eventually succeeded.

Ever since then it’s been my purpose to help others transform their health and their lives with the power of natural healing. Having lost my mother and best friend to cancer and watching my brother struggle, I’ve made the decision to dedicate my life to helping others through what many see as a death sentence. Yes, the reality is that not everyone can be cured but we can ease the impact and damage to the body by changing our diet and lifestyle to achieve optimal health.

With this in mind, I founded Integrative Cancer Coach – integrative cancer care that uses evidence-based, natural means to enhance the efficacy of mainstream treatments and reduce the side effects.

Over the years I have helped countless individuals experience first-hand how powerful diet and lifestyle changes can be when treating disease. And it is, for this reason, I’m passionate about helping you in any way I can fight your journey to greater health.

With Love,

I am here to support and help you navigate throughout your journey.