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Meme Grant's

Personalized Coaching for Every Stage of Your Cancer Journey

How Can Meme Help You?


Our preventative group coaching is for those seeking to minimize their risk factors of cancer in day to day life, including a custom protocol.


For this who currently have cancer and are seeking alternative help and immune system support alongside their chosen treatment.


Most people are left with various health issues after cancer. We will guide you to help your body get what it needs for optimal recovery.

What is an Integrative Cancer Coach?

Many will not know what integrative oncology or an integrative cancer coach is, as it is not widely known, even though it has been practised for over 25 years, but with statistics showing that 1 in every 2 men and 1 in every 3 women will get cancer and as these statistics are rising integrative cancer coaching and care is becoming an appreciated field of support for those coping with this dread disease.

In 2017 integrative oncology (integrative cancer care) was defined as:

Integrative oncology is a patient-centred, evidence-informed field of cancer care that utilizes mind and body practices, natural products, and/or lifestyle modifications alongside conventional cancer treatments. Integrative oncology aims to optimize health, quality of life and clinical outcomes across the cancer care continuum, and to empower people to prevent cancer and become active participants before, during and beyond cancer treatment.

From: A comprehensive definition for integrative oncology J natl Cancer Inst Monogr. 2017.1017(52) doi.10.1093/

What integrative cancer care does is to provide a health plan for you, in cooperation with your oncologist, complementing his disease management plan. The two work hand in hand to help people not only survive but thrive after treatment.

Another way an integrative cancer coach can help, is to reduce the risk in people concerned that they may get this terrible disease.

Having first-hand experience of the horror of a cancer diagnosis and the effect it can have on a person, their family, and friends, my greatest wish is to spare everyone the trauma caused by this dread disease.

Meet Your Coach

GAPS Practioner / Nutritional Therapist / FNTP

Meme Photo

Hi, I’m Meme. I’m passionate about helping others prevent cancer and other diseases.

When I discovered how an integrative cancer coach could help those with cancer, I knew I had found my calling. Having been through the horrific trauma of losing my mom to cancer at a young age, my best friend, many other friends, my brother diagnosed with lymphoma and my husband with melanoma, I knew as an integrative cancer coach I could give hope to many.

With this in mind, I founded Integrative Cancer Coach – integrative cancer care that uses evidence based, natural means to enhance the efficacy of mainstream treatments and reduce the side effects.

Would you like to see if I am the right coach for you?

We offer a Free 30-minute online consultation to see if you would like me to be your companion on your cancer walk. 
This consultation is 100% obligation-free!


Get My New book!

"You can't go sailing" the irritated dermatologist exclaimed "you have stage four cancer, you are dying do you not understand". This was the start of a journey which resulted in being tumour free. This is our story and how we did it.

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You do not have to face cancer alone

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Courses that Meme offers

Cancer risk reduction 101

This group coaching course is an evidence-based program to prevent cancer and other diseases
These 8 weeks will be life-changing and empowering.

This is what you will receive:

  • 8-week course, taking 1 hour per week with 20/30 minutes teaching and a maximum 8 people per group to ensure individual attention and Q&A afterward.
  • I am offering the course on 3 different days of the week 1 for each time zone, so you do not need to get up at all hours or listen to a replay. These are the days for you to choose from: Tuesday – America, Wednesday-Europe/Africa, Thursday at 2 different times NZ/OZ, One time for NZ and East Australia and a time for Western Australia.
  • Easy-to-follow steps to change your lifestyle and diet to prevent cancer.